Here we see the first victim, notice how he's begging for his life.
Name: Ozze
Guild: <The Hoffs>


Victim #2 . Tried to communicate with me, but I couldn't forgive him for killing the Tiger.
Name: Thabest

Guild: No clue, he was too quick on the release button.

Victim #3 . Killed for slaughtering a croc for his stupid little quest.
Name: Snizzl
Guild: <The Oak>
Victim #4. Rule number 5139: "You do not step on the STV grass with your shoes on."
Name: Jangz
A strange event seemed to have happened in this area. I went on to investigate the incident.
After 28 seconds, I found the source of the raptor slaughtering event.
I kept warning him, but he ignored everything I said!
So I decided to poke him with my Grandwizard's Staff of the Sauna.
Apparently, I poked a bit too hard. Victim #5. Died for being Swedish.
Name: Fuubis
Guild: Svenska Mästare
Victim #6. Killing the citizen of Toblin Gowns is not allowed.
Name: Silvius
Say hi to my partner. Magician Ranef.

Victim #7. Time of death: 3:21 PM - Reason: Being Alliance.
Name: Sluipaard
Guild: <Gilde der Helde>

Victim #8. Roads are not safe after dark!
Name: Nagin
Guild: <V i R u S>
Oh shi-- indeed! Sudden mass spawn of guards!
Victim #9. He didn't live up to his name, what a shame.. hey that rhymes!
Name: Stayalive
Guild: <Inquisitive Imbeciels>
Victim #10. Judging from his guild name, the juniors are not that invincible.
Name: Kashim
Guild: <InvincibleS JR>
Silence before the storm.
Another shitloads of guards spawned.
Victim #11. Another simple cube for cleansing.
Name: Kyrie
Victim #12. Killed for being a warlock. Kill them while you can.
Name: Smarken
Guild: srsly can't read that
Victim #13. They tried to zerg rush us. It all happened so fast.
Name: Mullet
Guild: I am out of range to read it.
Fuck yea! :o
Victim #14. Being danish on a friday afternoon!
Name: Jayo
Guild: <The Danish Kingdom>
Victim #15. Cleansed for Azeroth!
Name: Iceicetimmy
Guild: <Invincibles JR>
Ohh.. it's our friend Nagin. Guess he didn't learn anything from his first phase of cleansing!
Name: Nagin
Guild: <V i R u S>

Victim #16. InvincibleS are quite overestimating themselves. Fixed.
Name: Pinkmagex
Guild: <Invincibles JR>


He's still danish. Does he ever learn?
Name: Jayo
Guild: <The Danish Kingdom>

Victim #17. I do not approve stepping on spiders.
Name: Replay
So we found a fellow horde in the deep forest of Duskwood! We decided to follow him to the Plagueland of Westfall in hope of dirty alliance attacking our bait so we can cleanse them once and for all!
Here we see our friend doing his work in Westfall. (We still have no idea what the fuck he's doing there, and I doubt that we'll ever find out)
4 hours of waiting for a plagued alliance to step into Duskwood has finally paid off!
Victim #18. 13 year old druid in duskwood? It's a dangerous place young friend. I guess you could smell the danger and anger of the woods.
Name: Mystican
Guild: <Justice for All>
AMAGHAD! A raid boss in westfall!? Hammertime!
Surprise surprise... some things just never change.
...but not powerful enough to pierce the bubble of gayness.
Hello Mystican! The durid was trying to pvp heer, but failed.
Victim #19. Level 22 in Westfall? Dfntly a ganker! KILL IT WITH FIRE!
Name: Herdabso
Look who's back!

Victim #20. Bubbleboy Snusowner down by the 1337 council of wizards 2k6!
Name: Snusowner
Guild: <SeVeN>

Victim #21. A favor for Zuluman. Many internets to you, Zulu!
Name: Tygertwo
Guild: <Painkiller>
I lol'd.
Victim #22. After all the cleansing I've done for Azeroth, this is how they welcome me? I'm a sad panda :(
Name: Imbaladinsux aka. marichuu
Guild: <Eternal Corpse Council>